About Rochak Chauhan

Rochak Chauhan started his career as a Software Engineer in late 2001. He was one of the Founders and Directors of DMW Technologies (P) Limited and Jumbo Labs Solutions Private Limited. Rochak is currently serving Government of Haryana as "Software Architect" in HARTRON.

Rochak is Co-Leader of OWASP OWASP (Chandigarh Chapter) and null null (Chandigarh Chapter). He is also one of the Agile Manifesto Signatories. He also had pleasure to attend workshops on "Network Forensics: Practical Packet Analysis for Suspicious Network Traffic" by Tamaghna Basu and on "Automating Web Application Penetration Testing" by Lavakumar Kuppan at Ground Zero Summit

A graduate of ITM-Gurgaon Institute of Technology and Management-Gurgaon, ranked among the Top 50 colleges in India, Rochak has published many useful classes, scripts and code online, which has received tremendous response.

Rochak also had the priceless opportunity to be the part of team, which designed and developed the Pilot for "Village Information System" with SeMT (State eGovernance Mission Team) for the Government of Haryana, India.

Rochak is one of the contributors in     JoomArt JoomArt, Ajax Browser Ajax Browser, Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service and CakePHP CakePhp. He has been nominated for the prestigious "Innovation Award" by for his various PHP Classes. He was also declared as the "Innovation Award winner of 2010"  by  PHP You can read his podcast/interview by

  1. AJAX Edit In Place,
  2. GoogleHacks,
  3. YouTube API,
  4. PHP MD5 Decrypter,
  5. PHP Keyword Analyser,
  6. PHP Duplicate Files Finder ,
  7. PHP Text Spinner ,
  8. PHP Compare Strings ,
  9. PHP Search MySQL Tables ,
  10. iCaptcha
  11. Text To Image and
  12. Twitter Auto Publish

From the above, he won Innovation Awards for:

  1. AJAX Edit In Place ,
  2. PHP Search MySQL Tables and
  3. GoogleHacks.

All these and other classes can be found at Rochak is also currently ranked second in "All time – Top downloaded authors" category of Rochak also contributed in coding and training in Zend - The PHP Company , JScrush, Maian Uploader, Live Support Application and to name a few. His work was also noticed byAjax Magazine, one of the most respected and popular online magazine for PHP.

He is a big supporter of Web 2.0 using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX and PHP. He is one of these geeks who strongly support SaaS and OpenSource would be one of the